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A Ï K I - K A R A T E - D O

In short:

Aïki-Karate-Do is a coherent synthesis between Karate-Do Shotokaï of the Masters Shigeru Egami and Tetsuji Murakami and the Aikido of the Master Morihei Ueshiba. This discipline is the fruit at the same time of a long search, 30 years of experiment and a daily practice of the Master Yves Thélen .

To combine in a same martial discipline the sincerity and the power of the attacks of Karate-Do Shotokaï while developing the availability and fluidity suitable for the Aikido indeed makes it possible to work the techniques as in a true fight to the death while remaining lucid and opened with the other.

True challenge launched to the practise of traditional Karate-Do and Aikido, Aïki-Karate-Do requires a very large broadmindedness because it is difficult to come out of one or the other label.

In finality, it there does not have any more Karate-Do, more Aikido, only remains...

Budo, the martial Way...

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